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Grave problem with RCS X10

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  • Grave problem with RCS X10

    Homes in I installed a new PC. My problem is I can not get the plugin to work with my thermostat TBX16.
    The thermostat works. If sending a signal the thermostat responds x10. But do not get the plugin to work correctament. If I try to change degrees F to C me back to F. If I try to put an absolute min 22 degrees so I changed to 40.
    I would appreciate someone to help me. excuse my English. Translate with google from Spain

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    1. Which plugin?
    The latest DooStat works extremely well with my TXB16.
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      I am also unable to get the DooStat plugin, or the old RCS X10 plugin version .105, to work properly. Before I rebuilt my system I used version .128 of the old plugin and had great success with it. I will try to find someone who has a copy, and can post it. If someone does so, you may wish to try that.

      This would be a lot easier if I knew what I was doing...