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Suggestions on how to better communicate with my RCS X10

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  • Suggestions on how to better communicate with my RCS X10

    I've recently rebuilt my homeseer machine and, though I had hoped it would solve some communication problems with the RCS X10 thermostats, I have not seen improvement. I'm looking for suggestions from other users that have solved problems in their houses.

    I have two RCS TXB16 units. They constantly misread signals and fail to report properly. In my breaker panel, I use the Leviton 2-phase X10 Amplified Coupler/Repeater. It seems to be able to communicate with all the lights in the house, though not as well as the old X10 coupler I had. I happen to own two of the Levitons, but I see no point in using both in the panel, unless I could tie them directly into the RCS circuit (possibility).

    I'm looking for ways to either boost the signal out near the RCS receivers (they are on the same circuit) or other options. As it turns out, I happen to have extra communication wires (cat-5e and 16-4) run to the closet where the RCS receivers are. So if there is an inexpensive solution to changing those out with maybe the serial versions, that would work.

    Again, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    These stats require pristine signals to operate successfully. I was lucky enough to be able to tap into the same wire that my RCS X10 stat's powerline device is plugged into and set a plug next to my HA server. I then plugged my 1132CU into that plug and haven't had a missed signal in years. A good test is to run an extension cord from the same plugin that your RCS X10 stat's powerline device is plugged into and plugin your X10 PLC into the other end. If it works then you probably have just enough noise to prevent proper communications.


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      That was what I was thinking. I have drop ceiling between my head end closet and my breaker panel. So I am thinking of running some EMT conduit from the head end room to the breaker panel. Then I was going to wire it into the same circuit that the RCS receivers are on. Then, just for overkill, perhaps I should wire the coupler into that circuit too. What do you think?