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Initialize RCS Thermostat in Firefox

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  • Initialize RCS Thermostat in Firefox

    I have a Mac so right clicking on the RCS plugin virtual thermostat graphic doesn't do anything for me. Does anyone have a script for initializing the RCS TXB-16?

    For some reason, my upstairs thermostat loses its identity a few times per day. It still reads the thermostat temperature just fine and reads any changes at the thermostat panel itself, but i can't command to it. So I need to reinitialize before I send any commands.

    By the way, if anyone has a serial thermostat they want to trade for an X-10 one, let me know. I have extra wires and my house seems to have a ghost in the machine for the circuit this thermostat is on.


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    I haven't had any replies on this. Would anyone happen to know how to reinitialize a thermostat via a script?