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Problem getting DooStat to initiliaze

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  • Problem getting DooStat to initiliaze

    I installed the Doostat plug-in and thought I had everything working but it seems it won't initialize my TX15-B. There are just a lot oif errors and warnings in the log about what it's not able to do to or with the thermostat.

    I think I followed the installation properly but I must have missed something. If I connect my old PC with HS1 it works fine so the unit, wiring, etc are all probably OK.

    But, there is one thing I learned the hard way. After a few attempts and failure, when it says "Main is set to OFF", it means it and with 28 degree temp last night it was a rude awakening. So it's able to turn it off but nothing more.

    Help!! It's freezing.