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Using temperature range condition for event

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  • Using temperature range condition for event

    I am trying to use the temperature range for a condition. I want an event to proceed if the temperature on my RCS T15B thermostat is within a certain range. Do I need to have a script capturing the current temperature from the thermostat? It is polling every 30 minutes, so I thought the HomeSeer program would know the temperature, but the event does not get triggered. Thanks.

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    I'm not familiar with this plugin, but if you can't get this working, take a look at the my.Trigger plugin (link in sig), which supports triggering events based on range using data stored in a device string.
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      ditto for mcsTempereature that has event GUI that allows upper limits, lower limits, persistance and rates as some of the trigger parameters.

      It does however, appear you are looking for a condition and not a trigger so there other alternatives may not be appropriate.


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        Thanks for the quick reply. I have downloaded your script and I will give it a try. Elliott


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          Michael: Thanks for your comment, too.


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            This is easy to do in a simple event if the plugin provides the temp date in a numeric format. Most plugins store the data in device values multipled by 10. So the first thing to do is find out if you have the temps in deviceValues by doing something like this using the control button , Immediate Script Command box. &hs.writelog "data", hs.deviceValue("a1") where a1 is the device holding the temp value. Then the range is entered in the event as 7200 ... 8500 where 7200 is 72 and 8500 is 85


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              Rupp: Thank you. I'll give this a try, too. Elliott