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Polling from a script?

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  • Polling from a script?

    One of my Stats is a TX10B which is functionally similar to the TX15B, but no autosend. As a result, I have had the plugin set to Poll every so often. I want to change that and poll in an event based on measuring when the furnace comes on or goes off.

    I have the hardware and 2 events that do that part, they operate a duct booster. I want to manually poll the stat when those events execute. Polling is not one of Event Actions provided by RCS10 plugin. I checked the docs I could find but didn't see this.

    Does any one have the method name or know a script command to poll stats using RCS X10? Is there a generic poll function for the HS Thermostat device type?

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks, Paul

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    Try hs.PollDevice( "A1" ) change the house and unit code to your device.


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      Originally posted by Rupp View Post
      Try hs.PollDevice( "A1" ) change the house and unit code to your device.
      Rupp, The docs say that the TX1xB units use an entire house code. I've observed the plugin talking to my status using 6 (status) and 15 (Settings). These aren't the usual response codes used for standard 2 way x10 modules.

      That leads to an idea. I can send those X10 unit code 6 messages that the plugin uses to the poll stat that I can see in the log. I can add those to the event and assume the the plugin takes what it gets (as opposed to sending commands and waiting.) I can get the x10 commands and presets out of the log.

      I'll give that a try, but also take additional ideas as well



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        DooStat has a polling Event Action as well as one for polling Temperatures only. This helps with RCS TX10B. I'm might be the only person in the world that cares at this point , but for the sake of documenting here it is.

        I can also confirm that Doostat is .NET and should survive the entire trip to HS3 unlike the current RCS Plugins (VB6 COM)