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Supported Routers.... so far

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  • Supported Routers.... so far

    Here is a list of the supported routers so far. If your router is not in the list, has the ability to log to a specific computer on your network and you want to use the plugin, you will need to setup the logging for the router and then look in the thread titled <a href="">Router Logger Stand-alone Application</a> and execute it and send the router log file to me so that I can add a parser to the plugin for your router.

    Supported Routers are:

    1. Linksys WRT54G/S
    2. Linksys BEFSR41 V1
    3. Linksys BEFSR41 V3
    4. Linksys BEFSR81 V3
    5. NetGear FR114W
    6. NetGear Prosafe FM114P

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