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** Version Update -! **

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    ** Version Update -! **

    This thread is where I will place updates to the Router Traffic Monitor plugin for those that want to manually install the new DLL file.


    You must have already installed it from the Updater before downloading these updates AND remember that this plugin will only work with Homeseer 2.0! See install instructions below!





    ** - New features and bug fixes - <b>ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UPDATER</b>
    - revision history can be accessed in the plugin web pages under the About web page

    ** - New features and bug fixes
    1) Added code optimization to help speed up reports and processing of the log messages/
    2) Added the ability to add and maintain port exceptions so that certain port ranges will be ignored and not processed by the plugin. This is accessed in the Tools web page.
    3) Added a Local System IP Usage report that shows you all incoming and outgoing ip addresses from a local computer
    4) Fixed the plugin sometimes taking longer to shutdown
    5) Removed the connection string ability from the plugin because the plugin creates the ODBC connection for you.
    6) Added descriptions to the reports to explain what they are showing the user
    7) Fixed the Web Traffic report to properly display the last data visited for the selected local computer
    8) Fixed an overflow error on an integer value that was reported
    9) Fixed an issue with the router log format messages for the Linksys BEFSR81 V3 router
    10) Enhanced the detailed debug logger so that it logs to the detail log as quickly as possible (when debug is activated)
    11) Added the ability to associate an image file to the WAN IP address virtual device
    12) Fixed date formatting when using date formats from different locales (eg: US and UK)
    13) Added an auto database compact option to the Options web page where you can specify the number of hours for a database compact to execute. This option can be turned on and off.

    ** - <b>AVAILABLE IN THE UPDATER ONLY</b> - bug fixes
    1) Added more debugging to determine why one user is seeing high CPU usage when using the plugin
    2) Attempted to fix when the plugin is deactivated and HS is restarted, then the plugin is activated again. There was an exception being thrown about the thread being resumed.
    3) Fixed an issue with the insert to the database
    4) Fixed an issue with the shutdown of the plugin, when it is trying to close down the thread.

    ** - new reports and bug fix
    1) Attempt to fix a bug in the processing of router log messages that could cause a null exception
    2) Add an auto purge timer value to the Options web page so that the user can specify how many minutes before the auto purge is executed. The default is 120 minutes.
    3) Added an Inbound Protocol Usage report
    4) Added an Outbound Protocol Usage report

    ** - report improvements and new report
    1) Added an inbound source alert report, which shows group totals of all source ip addresses that triggered a port alert message
    2) Added sorting to the Web Traffic report so that it sorts by the highest destination ip address
    3) Added sorting to the Inbound Alerts report so that the alerts are listed from the highest to lowest.
    4) Added sorting to the Outbound Alerts report so that the alerts are listed from the highest to lowest.
    5) Improved the speed of some of the reports

    ** - new features
    1) Added ability to the Router Activity report to be able to specify the past minutes or a date range to display.
    2) You can now click on an IP Address in the Router Activity and Web Traffic reports to show you the resolved host name (if found).

    ** - bug fix and new features
    1) Fixed a bug with the hs.RegisterMenuEx call to HS
    2) Added a PLEASE WAIT web page while the reports are generating so the user will know that processing is taking place
    3) Added a local computers report that lists all of the loca computers configured in the plugin

    ** - bug fix and new features
    1) Added ICMP protocol as an option when generating the Router Activity report
    2) Added the ability to add custom local computers. This will allow you to add in computers that are not retrieved from Windows. This option can be found under the Tools menu in the web interface.

    ** - bug fix and new features
    1) Added alert value to the Router Activity report
    2) Added support for the NetGear FR114W router
    3) Attempt to fix a bug that a message received from the router was larger than the internal message size

    ** - bug fixes and new features
    1) Fixed Help page launched from the web interface
    2) Fixed auto purge so it will now use the proper setting of the connection string or the ODBC connection (depending upon what you choose)
    3) Fixed the update of the virtual device for the WAN ip address. It will now update whenever it checks for a new WAN ip address
    4) Added an inbound alerts report that shows a summary of all inbound ports that contain an alert
    5) Added an outbound alerts report that shows a summary of all outbound ports that contain an alert
    6) Added a triggered events report that shows all RTM triggered events that users have setup in Homeseer

    ** - New features
    1) Add two new tables for ports and event triggers
    2) Created a maintain ports web page
    3) Event Triggers table will be used in a future release report to show you what triggers in RTM have been fired by Homeseer

    ** Attached (small bug fix)
    1) Fixed a bug in the web traffic report

    ** Attached
    Added two new reports
    1) There is a Port Traffic report that can be run on the router log data
    2) There is a Web Traffic report that can executed as well to show you all of the web traffic (port 80) from a specific local computer

    <b>Install Instructions:</b>

    1. Download the zip file below
    2. Shutdown Homeseer
    3. Download and extract the hspi_RouterTrafficMonitor.dll file to your Homeseer directory (eg: C:\Program Files\Homeseer 2)
    4. Restart Homeseer
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