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Insteon Thermostat (2441ZTH) - Temperature Monitoring Unit

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    Insteon Thermostat (2441ZTH) - Temperature Monitoring Unit


    I've been working with the Insteon 2441ZTH Wireless Thermostat for some time and I'm having some difficulty with it.

    I'm currently working with:
    • Hometroller PRO (HS2) controller Version: .
    • Insteon PLM Plug-In Version:
    • Sage Insteon Thermostat Plug-in Version:

    What I'm trying to accomplish with this thermostat is a freezer or fridge temperature monitoring unit that you can see a live value reading from it. I've looked around and there doesn't seem to be a solid solution out there yet for this type of application.

    To kind of give you an idea what I currently have installed and working at the moment is one Insteon 2441TH Thermostat for the furnace and its working great. Also I currently have 4 Insteon 2441ZTH with the Insteon external temperature probe installed in two freezers and two fridges but only two of the 2441ZTH are fully functional and displaying an external temperature reading (As long as the value isn't below 0 - Which is the other issue).

    The problem I'm having is that currently the other two Insteon 2441ZTH aren't populating any values or any set-points and the controller can't change any of the modes or set-points remotely. I have played around with them quite a bit (like trying to control the modes/temperature settings through the controller and also directly on the thermostat and also deleted them from the controller and try re-added them) but nothing seem to change the end results.

    9/24/2013 4:04:12 PM SageInsteonTStat Ext Temp not set on Freezer #01 -- 255out of range

    So to summarize, I have two questions:
    1. Is there a limit to the amount of thermostats (2441ZTH and or 2441TH) you can add to the Sage Thermostat plug-in which would cause the other thermostats not to populate values or communicate to the controller?
    2. Is the a setting or a way I can get the Sage Thermostat plug-in to be able to display and read values below 0 and if so could you help guide me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance

    For the two that aren't communicating, I would try to pair them again. Because they are battery operated, I have found them to be a little finicky because they can go to sleep before the pairing is complete. What I have done, (I think it helps), is to press the time/??? button on the unit every few seconds to make sure that it stays awake. So press the "Update Links" button on the thermostat config page and the do what I just mentioned. I don't recall exactly how long it takes to set all of the links, but something like 30-60 seconds. If you have debug turned on you can watch the logs. I think that there are 5 links that get created.

    You can also try to read the links in the unit by pressing the read links button in the config web page for the thermostats. You will have to do the same trick to keep it awake while the links are read.

    As for the negative number, I will have to look into that. The docs were not too clear on format so I tried to guess on how they were sending negative numbers, but it was wrong. From the overflow error that you saw I have an idea of what they are doing now. I will send you a beta to try, but I will first get a chance to work on it this weekend.

    FYI, I do have one of these units but my external probe doesn't work on mine so I can't test that part. I don't know what is wrong, but it doesn't even show up on the tstat display.
    - Tom

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      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the quick reply, I'll give that a try for the two that aren't reading any values. For the negative value I would be more than happy to test that beta release and let you know how it works out.

      Thanks again


        2441ZTH external 5V - apple square wall plug and USB cable

        I'm working with a new 2441ZTH for my HS3 version of the plugin.

        I noticed in battery mode it goes to sleep fast. It's good about pushing values to HS but anything requiring HS to reach out (poll, change mode, change setpoints, change fan) won't respond as it turns off external control to save batteries.

        So, I've gone down the external 5V power option. Smarthome sells a 6V adapter and I found a 6V/800mA here at home. I tried that. I immediately got the "jumpy humidity" on the display and very chatty humidity settings being pushed to HS. Doing some research I found this article on 2441ZTH voltage

        So, I continued my hunt for a 5V adapter that would be closer to 5.2V After several attempts, my best solution so far is the square apple iphone wall plug (5V, 1A) and a USB cable cut/stripped on the other end. This is coming in at 5.19V and easily meets the mA needs.

        So far this seems pretty stable. Humidity is not jumping around and the external sensor is sending readings. Crossing my fingers that this is a final power solution for this 2441 ZTH
        HS (PRO)
        Hardware: Napco GEM-P9600 | VenstarT1800 w/Insteon 2441V adapter | Insteon PLM
        Plugins HS3: Napco Gemini (mine) | Insteon Thermostat (mine) | Insteon Plug-in (mnsandler) | HSTouch Server (HST)
        Platform: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, core2 duo 2.0Ghz, 4GB memory