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W800rf32a how to install ???when homeseer can't see it

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    W800rf32a how to install ???when homeseer can't see it

    Help !!
    just installed homeseer ver 2 upgrade.

    can't find w800 listed in the interface set up page.

    I tried the updater, but it doesn't list anything wgl or overwise related to the w800.

    I tried re-installing homeseer, doesn't help. can't download the plug-in as i can't find it anywhere.

    none of the help files say anything about it.. wgl web site is down.

    how can I download the plug in and get it installed ???
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    The W800 is not in the updater yet. It should be by next week. If you look on the board you will find some instructions on moving an existing W800 HomeSeer 1.7 over to 2.0.

    Jon Ort
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      TX I'll check it out,

      I tried my self to do that, it but wasn't sucessful.
      I'll look for some posts to find out what i forgot to move