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    Welcome to the WAF-AB8SS forum!

    Thank you for your interest in the WAF-AB8SS Interface. Through the use of this plug-in, and an HACS AB8SS speaker switcher, you can hook up 8 stereo pairs of speakers to your amplifiers and enable HomeSeer to control your whole-house audio system! Effortlessly zone stereo music to different areas of your house. Each pair of speakers can be turned on or off independently of the others. Enjoy classical music in the kitchen and family room as the children study their homework upstairs in their quiet bedrooms. When dinner is ready, activate the upstairs speakers and call them down. Wake up to soft music in the morning, be lulled to sleep with your favorite jazz CD in the evening. Use your computer to announce Caller-ID information to different parts of the house or to make special musical alarm clocks for each family member. With this plug-in and an AB8SS at the heart of your whole-house audio system, your imagination is the limit.

    Features<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Individually control the on/off status of the 8 speaker relays.
    <LI><span class="ev_code_RED">(New)</span>Easily save and recall speaker scenes with simple script commands: SaveSpeakerScene("Bedtime","10000000A") and SetSpeakerScene("Bedtime")
    <LI>Toggle the input bus from Source A to Source B.
    <LI>Turn all speakers on or all speakers off with one command.
    <LI><span class="ev_code_RED">(New)</span>Set all speakers and input relays to a preset pattern of on/off with a single script command. (e.g. SetSpeakerPattern("11110000A")
    <LI><span class="ev_code_RED">(New)</span>Retrieve speaker and input relay pattern for custom scripting options.
    <LI>Poll the speaker switcher every n seconds (user defined) to see if speaker relay status was changed by another means, such as IR or X-10.
    <LI>Number of active speakers is maintained in a device to be referenced by any custom volume setting routines you may want to implement.[/list]
    HomeSeer 1.6.0 or later.

    Why the "WAF" in the Name?
    As is generally known in our Home Automation community, "WAF" is an acronym for "Wife Acceptance Factor". Every one of us strives to add functionality to our systems in a way that is perceived in a positive light by our spouses (some of us only achieve loving tolerance). In an effort to boost our household WAF, I am selling this plug-in in an effort to raise money to take my beloved wife, Pam, out to dinner thus proving to her that there are some tangible BENEFITS to home automation.