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    Release Notes

    A good day to all of you. Here are the changes that have been made to the WAF-AB8SS plug-in:

    1.2.0 - Added the SetSpeakerScene and SaveSpeakerScene functions. Corrected the reverse-ordered pattern returned by GetSpeakerPattern.

    1.1.1 - Corrected a problem with shared GUIDs between the two copies of the AB8SS plug-in.

    1.1.0 - Added GetSpeakerPattern and SetSpeakerPattern functions, as well as new error handling. Added version number property.

    1.0.7 - Fix for A/B source display. Including second copy of plug-in for those interested in running two AB8SS's.

    0.0.6 - Variable polling interval of 1 to 1000 seconds. Speaker devices represented as on/off instead of 0/1. A/B input device now has a device string describing the active input. The All Speakers On/Off device has a device string describing whether all speakers are on, all speakers are off, or the number of active speakers. The All Speakers On/Off device has an associated device value holding the number of active speakers.

    0.0.5 - Internal release

    0.0.4 - Modified to V2 API Specs.

    0.0.3 - Maintenance release.

    0.0.2 - Changed error handler a little to better report error messages.

    0.0.1 - Initial release.