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0.0.6 Released

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    0.0.6 Released

    Howdy, Gents.

    Release 0.0.6 should be available for download from the Updater now. This latest release has the following changes:<UL TYPE=SQUARE>
    <LI> Variable polling interval of 1 to 1,000 seconds.
    <LI> Speaker devices represented as On/Off instead of 0/1.
    <LI> A/B input device now has a device string describing the active input.
    <LI> The All Speakers On/Off device has a device string describing whether all speakers are on, all speakers are off, or the number of presently active speakers.
    <LI> The All Speakers On/Off device has an associated device value holding the number of active speakers.[/list]Changes were made to the device types of the speakers, so you will have to go to the plug-in's setup form to delete all WAF-AB8SS devices, and then recreate them. After running through that procedure, you'll need to restart HomeSeer.

    Please let me know how this release addresses the lock-up issue that some of you are experiencing. From what I've heard from a couple of our brave beta testing souls (thanks, guys), the variable polling may not be the panacea that was hoped for. The AB8SS does not have a buffer in it, unlike most other serial devices, and I'm wondering if that may be the core of the problem. I'm using the same command queuing and processing methodology that I implemented in the HomeVision plug-in, which has been running without lock-up for more than 2 years.

    Best to all!