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Which volume controls to use with AB8SS

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    Which volume controls to use with AB8SS


    I recently purchased an AB8SS to control speakers throughout my house. The AB8SS is connected to my main Stereo Receiver as well as another connected to my HA computer.

    I am trying to decide on which volume controls to use. I've narrowed it down to these 3:

    The top 2 cost a few $ more than the last one, $30 vs $25.

    Which model would work best with the AB8SS as far as impedance matching?

    Paul Rimmer
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Hello, Paul.

    Congratulations on getting an AB8SS, I hope you enjoy it a lot. I wish I could be of assistance in selecting your volume controls, but I don't have an relevant experience to help you with your selection. I have dirt cheap, impedance matching volume controls in my house. Most of them I bought several years back from Electronic Goldmine surplus electronics for about $7 each. But, most recently, the controls I purchased were the low-end ones ($20) from Worthington. I've been satisfied with both. Hopefully, an audiophile can lend some wisdom to help guide you.