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Multiple zones with seperate audio outputs

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    Multiple zones with seperate audio outputs

    I haven't tried SpeakEasy and just found and read the documentation today!! Great job David

    I've been researching how to setup a whole house audio setup for some time now am looking to setting my own system up.

    I've read posts that allow one audio input at a time to be broadcast to one or more zones in the house, but what i'm looking for is something that will allow me to listen to MP3's in my room, while someone else listens to their own music in another zone.

    Here's where SpeakEasy comes in: I also need to broadcast TTS messages using SpeakEasy throughout the house. Are people using the same speakers for Music and TTS Msgs? Or seperate

    To sum up my house requirements:

    <LI>5 seperately controlled audio output zones
    <LI>3 Audio inputs (two music, one TTS)
    <LI>Two zones listening to two seperate music outputs at same time
    <LI>Audio 'ducking' when Homeseer has something to say using SpeakEasy

    Thanks in advance!!

    My answer to one of your questions...

    One vote for separate speakers for music and TTS. My audio equipment isn't always on, I don't want to wait for it to start up, I don't want to worry about the volume level, etc. Also, I don't necessarily want my music stopping/muting for announcements.

    I use an inexpensive amplifier and some small speakers (all from Elk) wired with twisted pair alarm wire. The amplifier is connected to the audio out on the computer - the system is always on.



      Thanks for the kind words, but they should be directed to George, who wrote the SpeakEasy plug-in. I wrote the AB8SS plug-in to control the HACS AB8SS speaker switcher. The AB8SS would not meet your needs of setting up separate zones, but the HACS AVS8X8 might be more along the lines of what you'd want. Take a look for some posts by RV7Pilot to see what he's doing. It might match your needs.

      Best wishes to my fellow Marylander,



        Thanks for the kind mention David, even tho the name was a bit off.

        Here is my approach:

        I have 3 bedrooms and a living room set up with stereo speakers.

        I have separate stereo receivers for each room all centrally located in my basement.

        Each receiver is connected to it's respective speaker through an Addicon RLY8-XA module. I am using the NC (normally closed) side of each relay to continually feed the signal to the speakers as the default.

        Note: The Addicon relay's are routed through an Ocelot controller.

        TTS is fed to one additional receiver. The speaker outputs from this receiver are connected to the NO(normally open) side of each relay. When you need to switch to the NO side you send a command via HS to the appropriate relay. You do need the ADIOcelt plugin for this.

        I just got this put together and it works. I do see some limitations in that you cannot just lower the volume on the first source and do your TTS thing and then raise the volume. This is a hard switch from source to source.

        Let me know if you need more details.


          Ooops! That's what I get for not proofing before sending. I actually did know it was a 6 not a 7.