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AB8SS speaker/amp handling question.

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    AB8SS speaker/amp handling question.

    OK, so I officially got an AB8SS on the way, tracking number and all, thanks to David and Ray (Don't know if Ray has anymore, though).

    So I have a question about connections for those of y'all that have one, and/or for those of y'all that understand how these things work.

    I plan on using the switch with one of those 30W (15W/channel) Sonic T-amps and some Elk Echo speakers. I understand that the AB8SS has circuitry in it to protect the amp, so I'm assuming it's safe to hook the left and right output of the amp to the left and right input "A" on the AB8SS, leaving "B" open for future use. If I understnad correctly, if I only use, say, the right channel on each of the L/R speaker pairs to actually connect the speakers (I only need one speaker each for the 6 rooms I'll have speakers in), the amp will think it's driving one pair of speakers with both channels, and not 1-6 speakers on just one channel, and if for some reason I swith it to one of the zones with no speakers at all, it will still think it's driving a pair, right? That's how the "amp protection circuitry" works? Looks like from the HACS website, that the load varies from 4.92 to 8.49 ohms with a 6% to 80% reduction in power.

    OK, given that I'm using a 15W/Channel amp, I'll have between 3W & 14.1W of power going to each speaker (actually 4.65W - 14.1W, since I'm only using 6 speakers).

    For those of you using the Elk Echo speakers, which are rated for 20 watts, will they be audibel in this range of 4.65-14.1W?

    Now, another idea I had was to bridge the amplifier. But I'm not sure if that's an electrically sound ideas... I know some amps specifically state they're bridgable (can't remember if it's done by simply joing the two pairs together (black to black and red to red) or by putting the red from the left and black from the right to the speaker, and then bridging the black from the left to the red from the right (or vice versa).. Maybe that's asking to start a fire and/or break something if it's not specifically stated as a capability. HOWEVER, if it were possible, I'd then have a 30W mono amplifier, which would max out at 28.2W once connected to the AB8SS. Have any of you Elk Echo owners ever driven them with more than 20 watts of power?

    I have a feeling that the speakers will work fine with the normal, unbridged, stereo config, given that my PC speakers are pretty darn loud and probably only use a couple of watts per channel. I just wanted to see what everyone else thinks.
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