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    Note: This script is no longer supported by the plugin author. It still works but there is no support nor no further development is expected on this package.

    Welcome to the WAF-NetCallerID forum!

    Thank you for your interest in the WAF-NetCallerID Interface; I hope it meets or exceeds all of your expectations for functionality. Through the use of this script and a NetCallerID box, you can enjoy the benefits of customized Caller ID announcements and Caller-ID/Call Waiting Caller-ID home automation integration without having to purchase HomeSeer Phone or any of its associated equipment. HomeSeer Phone users can benefit from the script if their telephony device (modem or Way2Call Hi-Phone) has difficulty recognizing CID, but performs well in all other respects. The script will inject CID data into HomeSeer Phone as if it had been generated by the native telephony device.

    For those not familiar with the device, the NetCallerID is a standalone Caller-ID/Call Waiting Caller-ID box with a serial interface. When it detects the CID (Caller-ID) data burst on the telephone line, it transmits the name, number and date out its serial port. The device is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased for $5.99 (plus shipping) from the following link: Electronic Discount Sales The WAF-NetCallerID script can be purchased from the HomeSeer store for only $15.

    Features<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Easily provides HomeSeer and HomeSeer Phone with CID/CWCID data from the NetCallerID device. It is not necessary to install the NetCallerID software; the script will take care of all communication.
    <LI>Your choice of having HomeSeer, HomeSeer Phone, and/or a custom script handle the CID/CWCID Data. If you are using HomeSeer Phone, the data will be provided as if the CID had come from the primary telephony device, and can be used with HomeSeer Phone events.
    <LI>A custom script can be called to process the CID data. A sample is provided that performs look-ups in an external text file for custom announcements. Each user can be part of a user-defined group, and have actions performed that are specific to that group (co-workers announced only until 7PM, E-mail notification if your boss calls, family announced around the clock, solicitors never announced). Have all your Caller-ID information sent to your cell phone, when you're away. New callers are automatically added to the phone list file. Several code examples are provided.
    <LI>Have HomeSeer announce the phone company-provided caller name with a custom announcement prefix.
    <LI>You can have the phone company-provided name reversed before speaking, if it is presented in last name, first name order.
    <LI>Optional logging of CID data.
    <LI>Unlimited flexibility with YOUR custom script![/list]
    About the phone list file...

    Using a simple phone list text file, you can have CUSTOMIZED announcements for your callers. No more ambiguous "Wireless Caller" announcements. You can have it say, "Mom" is calling.

    (number) (phone group code) (custom announcement)
    3015551212 55 Mom or Dad
    3012225555 2044 Pharmacy
    3019990000 3033 Fund-raising Twits

    You define the groups, but, as an example, phone group codes of 1 to 999 are for family members, 1000 - 1999 are for friends, 2000 - 2999 for others, and 3000 - 3999 are for solicitors. Your script can check for a phone group code to handle the announcements or actions for a particular person or category. The same code can be used for multiple numbers, so you can have the same handling performed for both home and work numbers for a person.

    You have a lot of flexibility, and with the CID data readily available to your own scripts, you can log it, or manipulate custom devices to your heart's content.


    HomeSeer 1.6.99 or later. Optionally, HomeSeer Phone 2.0.101 or later.

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    I believe it is. I used to use this plugin with my NetCID box. I then went to using Steve's program located here:
    - Pete

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