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    I'm doing this now in a very simple plug-in for HomeSeer. I'll see if I can make it a .NET script. It has three devices, Last Message, Last Number, Last Name.

    There are three devices because YAC supports general messages as well as CallerID specific ones.


    Originally posted by wirebook
    Any thoughts on how to do the opposite of HS sending out YAC text? Meaning, I use YAC throughout my home for MCE related display. I'd love for a Homeseer client to be able to pickup the YAC broadcasts somehow. Perhaps the ability to store it in a virtual device?

    Or - am I just missing the boat entirely on the caller ID logging? Currently I just have a generic modem that does the YAC broadcasting - so I'd prefer to not have to purchase anything else from a hardware standpoint.
    Jon Ort
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      That'd be cool, I'd love to see it.



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        Take a look at my YAC plugin for Homeseer, sounds like somethiing you could use: