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  • Buy NetCallerID

    Tried all the links here so I can buy a NetCallerID box and none of them work.
    Also did a search on Yahoo, no luck.
    Where can i buy the box?
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    I am pretty sure that Electronc Discount Sales still has theses, I think their web site may just be down at the moment.

    You can also try this email address:

    This who I communicated with when I bought my last batch of 5...


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      The site is back up - and NETCID is still the weekly special.

      I'd buy 5 too except for the shipping.



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        The sites down again... Some MS ODBC error.

        Need to get one of these devices as I'm another user of a way2call. Hope these guys will ship overseas!



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          That site spends more time down than up. Anyone have one these they can sell me?




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            It's up right now from here - it's where I bought mine no complaints - fast shipping.



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              Any idea where I can get a NetCallerID box in Canada. I did check out Electronc Discount Sales but they will not ship outside the USA.


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                NetCallerID available in Canada?

                I checked through the posts but see nothing current, does anyone know of a company that will ship to Canada or a distributor in Canada that sells NetCallerID?

                I see that Electronic Discount Sales still sticks them but only ship to US. E-Bay is clear out right now.

                Second question is NetCallerID functional with HS v2 without the HS modems? I do have a Way2Call box on order but they are out of stock for a few weeks, I returned a HS PCI as it was defective and decided to go with Way2Call now, I have a feelling that the CID may be flacky after reading a number of posts on HS PCI and Way2Call so I'm feeling that the NetCallerID may be a good option to go with for CID and the HS modem for other options.




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                  You can try Cinemaronline, They sell them but I don't know if they ship to Canada.

                  Staying on the cutting edge is EXPENSIVE :D


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                    HINT: Buy two, they ain't that expensive.



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                      I don't think they ship to Oz. From memory you need a US credit card. I was lucky...a friend picked up 2 on his last trip to US




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                        Needing a Netcaller ID

                        Hoping to find someone who might have a netcaller id that they would like to sell or even give me a copy of the driver. I would like to try to reinstall the one I have, but I dont think that is my problem. I believe my unit has just bit the dust.

                        thanks in advance for any help,


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                          I'll look for the driver. Seen the box in the basement collection. I most likely left the disk in the box....give me a few minutes.

                          Here is what the directory structure of the CD looks like:

                          Volume in drive H is UGOTCALL
                          Volume Serial Number is AB8C-8D90

                          Directory of H:\

                          07/01/2000 11:49 AM 27 autorun.inf
                          07/01/2000 11:08 AM 563,104
                          07/01/2000 11:08 AM 15,707 data1.hdr
                          07/01/2000 11:08 AM 909,853
                          01/04/2000 01:43 AM 258,464 ikernel.ex_
                          07/01/2000 11:08 AM 441 layout.bin
                          01/30/2000 06:24 PM 157,422 setup.bmp
                          01/08/2000 01:40 AM 46,080 Setup.exe
                          07/01/2000 11:08 AM 145 Setup.ini
                          07/01/2000 11:07 AM 123,501 setup.inx
                          10 File(s) 2,074,744 bytes
                          0 Dir(s) 0 bytes free
                          I've zipped the entire CD and attached it to this message.

                          The two NET CID boxes I have online have been running fine 24/7 now for many years. The batteries might be trashed as I have not looked - now will attempt to look - kind of mounted in a 42" media panel. Difficult to remove right now...another day.
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                            thank you, still looks like my netcaller id isnt working right. I hate this, Steve has the perfect program and I cant use it fully. My favorite part is the call waiting caller id announcements. That to me is the best feature. The funny thing I use to, and not often get a a message during a call saying another caller, stating the name, is calling and push a certain button to answer call waiting. I dont know what program did that. Would anyone know where that came from? I have bought all the hsphone program they have, and always thought Steves was the best, but there just not any more netcallerid's out there any more. I think I check for them everyday on ebay and no luck.
                            Always open for anything new or ideas,


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                              Originally posted by danielbo View Post
                              Hoping to find someone who might have a netcaller id that they would like to sell or even give me a copy of the driver. I would like to try to reinstall the one I have, but I dont think that is my problem. I believe my unit has just bit the dust.

                              thanks in advance for any help,
                              If it is the little blue unit there is no driver.
                              Hook it up to another computer and run Hyperterminal.
                              NetCallerID is 4800,n,8,1