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    Thanks for the information Bill. I will give that a try. I did find out the driver I was looking for was the one for the usb to port converter and I found it later. I tried three converters, so I know the converter isnt the problem. Ran the hyperterminal, I am sure its dead. The little blue box has seen its last days. I was hoping maybe the disk that came with it would help bring it back to life.


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      I believe that box is powered from the serial port and those converters might not cut it.

      Does the display ever come on?
      Was it running and then up and died?

      If you haven't try a real com port. You may need a com port PCI card if you have no free ports.

      I hate to see one of those little boxes go to waste.



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        I might try a real com port, dont have extra one. But it has ran the way I have it or about 3 years. It powers up. I did buy a new port to usb converter and that didnt help. So maybe I will get a com port card.