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  • how fast?

    I'm curious as to how many rings have occurred by the time you get the incoming called id info announced/displayed using this plug-in?

    I'm currently using some scripts that I've pieced together from various suggestions on this site to get the CID info from my NetCallerId unit. However, I can't get that information displayed/announced until nearly the 3rd ring. I also have yet to put in any database lookup capability on the incoming number. I'm worried that would slow things down even more.

    So what's the holdup in this process? NetCallerId unit? Script (which is very basic, I'll post later if that may be the suspect)?


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    I'm using the included sample script and phone list to process my caller id. The phone book isn't very big yet, maybe 25-30 numbers. Mine announces between the 1st and 2nd ring every time.



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      I've found that the CID data appears on the NetCID screen and the serial port pretty much simultaneously, so if you watch closely you'll be able to spot where the delay is. If the data appears on the NetCID unit and in HS at pretty much the same time you'll know the delay is coming from the phone company.

      One of the reasons I wrote my own script for CID is I wanted to make sure there was minimal processing delay. Here's a good bare bones script to use as a starting point. It has minimal functionality so it's fast. As a bonus it also shows the basics of how to implement multi-line CID.



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        Mine does a look up from a text file with about 50 or so numbers in it and manages to announce the caller before the second ring.



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          Given that it seems most of you guys are getting announcements between the 1st and 2nd ring, the NetCallerId box appears not to be the culprit. I'll have to examine my script to see what I'm doing wrong.

          Thanks guys.