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help ... Confused

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  • help ... Confused

    hello all:

    I have been trying to follow the topics on getting a list of phone numbers into virtual devices and am totally lost. No matter what I do i continually get errors with the scripts. Can someone post the script or scripts that they are using to get info to virtual devices and maybe some instruction to get there.

    I have been trying for a week or so and have not had any progress.

    thanks in advance


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    I use the following script from jwilson56 as modified by BraveSirRobbin. First, created devices q1 through q10 and then put this script in the CallerID processing script installed when you downloaded WAF-CallerID. Be sure you have modified the ini file to call this script.

    yac_time = now
    s_yac_msg = yac_time & ": " & s_phone_list_name & " " & s_ncid_number

    for xs = 9 to 1 Step -1
    i = hs.devicestring ("q"&(xs))
    hs.SetDeviceString "q"& (xs+1), i
    hs.SetDeviceString "q1", s_yac_msg
    Regards, Bob