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  • Announcing Calls

    I have been using the CallerID plugin for a couple of months now and just love it. I've modified the processing script some - including changing the times during which caller classes are announced. Originally, calllers with codes from 2000-2999 were announced after 10:00 and before 21:00. I changed this to after 8:00 (listed as " 8:00" in the script) and before 22:00.

    My problem is that this change doesn't seem to recognized. Calls from codes between 2000-2999 are still announced only after 10:00. What am I missing here? I added the code and current_time to log entries and I don't see any problems with the script selecting the proper code or issues with the time.

    Anyone else having these issues?
    Regards, Bob

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    Itanic, take a look in this forum a few months back. I remember this issue came up. I think that I was wrong about needing the extra space, and the resolution was to leave it out.

    Be well!



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      I tried it with and without the space and still have the same issue. No announcements before 10:00 regardless of what's in the script. This is really strange as I know it's selecting the correct case based on different announcements it makes (for calls received after 10:00)
      Regards, Bob


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        I could never get this script to work as advertised with regards to any time reference. Search this forum though as people have working alternatives.
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          OK. I changed current_time to hour(now), removed the quotes and ":00" from the time and all seems to be working now.

          Thanks for the help.
          Regards, Bob


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            Just for grins, can you post the exact code?


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              Here is the code that I'm using

              Dim current_time

              current_time = hour(now)

              ' Conditionally announce callers.
              s_phone_list_code = cint(s_phone_list_code)
              Select Case True

              Case (s_phone_list_code >= 1 and s_phone_list_code <= 999)
              ' Family -- announced 24/7
              hs.Speak "It's " & s_phone_list_name

              Case (s_phone_list_code >= 1000 and s_phone_list_code <= 1999)
              ' Friends -- announced 7AM - 10PM (note the space in " 8:00")
              If current_time >= 7 And current_time <= 22 Then
              hs.Speak "It's a call from " & s_phone_list_name
              End If

              Case (s_phone_list_code >= 2000 and s_phone_list_code <= 2999)
              ' Others -- announced 9AM - 9PM
              If current_time >= 9 And current_time <= 21 Then
              hs.Speak "Other call from " & s_phone_list_name
              End If

              Case (s_phone_list_code >= 3000 and s_phone_list_code <= 3999)
              ' Solicitors -- not announced. Written to log.
              hs.writelog "Solicitor List", s_ncid_number & " " & s_phone_list_name
              End Select
              Regards, Bob