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Installed plug in but its not there

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    Originally posted by Rupp
    Well read this thread and it will be your first.
    I did read the thread. AND I didn't say anything about the plugin/script or com ports. I simply replied to your comment that 25-to-9 pin serial adapters NEVER work. The adapters DO work, but of course that is assuming that the ports is working properly and the application is configured properly. If the port is working and the app is working then the adapter will work.

    So, don't make blanket comments that simple adapters sold for years to millions of people never work.


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      If there is a way to open a new port using the 25 pin to 9 pin converter, please tell us. I would like to know in case I need to use it later. I couldn'y get it done myself. I had to go the usb route plus software.



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        A quick question: Are you sure the 25-pin port is a serial port and not a parallel port?

        If it is a serial port and it's not working, it may be that it's configured to use the same interrupt as the other serial port. In this case, you may have problems getting them to work together. If it's on the motherboard, it may also be disabled in the bios.

        There should be no problems at all using a 9-pin to 25-pin adapter. I've used them for years (going both ways).


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          Originally posted by jbc
          If there is a way to open a new port using the 25 pin to 9 pin converter, please tell us.
          No, the adapter/converter cannot create a port where one doesn't already exist. It is a simple wiring adapter and the computer and software have no knowledge of it.

          Think of it as similar to the $0.59 adapter you use to plug a modern three wire appliance into an old two hole (no ground) power outlet. The adapter simply adapts, it cannot create a new outlet and provide power for you.


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            Thats what I kinda thought. The usb to serial adaptor comes with software to open a port. So, to all who try this... buy a serial to usb converter and install the software to open a port for the thing your trying to install.