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Can HS Phone Accept WAF Caller ID Data As Native?

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    Regarding the delay posting to the HS 2.0 updater

    I am privy to some bad news regarding a family member of David.

    His dog just came out of rehab after a near fatal overdose of organic vegetarian dog-treats. Fortunately, Fluffy is expected to recover fully after his continence returns. David's white carpets may not have been as lucky.

    David: I hope I didn't step out of line revealing too personal of information, but we're all family here Bro!



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      Fortunately, from watching a few of these decorating shows with my wife, I've learned that brown is a neutral color, and all our furntiure will still "work" in the room. Now the fragrance, well that's another issue.

      Sorry for the delay, guys. I have no (legitimate) excuse. Trying to get it in today. I'm really sorry.



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        Hey, guys,

        I sent the HS2 Updater package to HST last night. Hopefully, WF-NetCallerID will be in the Updater soon.