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Question about the NetCallerID box

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  • Question about the NetCallerID box

    I found this site by doing a web search for NetCallerID data and I'm hoping someone here can answer this question for me.

    I'm trying to read the caller ID info programmatically (I'm using VB but I'm sure any language would be similar) from the NetCallerID box. What I'm getting back is a stream of gibberish rather than caller ID info. Is there some sort of conversion I have to do on the data that comes in to change it to a readable format? Did you have to go through a conversion with your script to read in the caller ID info?



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    Sorry to bother everyone...figured it out.

    In case anyone ever runs into the same problem it was a baud rate issue. The correct settings for the NetCallerID is 4800,n,8,1.