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WAF-CallerID Installation Question

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  • WAF-CallerID Installation Question

    I just bought this script plug-in and so far it's pretty cool and all. My question is that it seemed to install twice on me initially, giving the same install prompts again immediately after the first set. I checked my HomeSeer folders and I have two sets of WAF-CallerID files now, one normal set and a second set as well. The sceond set was named for example, WAF-CallerID2.ini

    I should remove the second set of all these WAF files, shouldn't I???

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    The script supports two lines. If you have a WAF...ini files, that is probably for the second NetCID box it supports, therefor you can just ignore the second line things.



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      Bill is right, that's exactly what happened. In the 'old days', the Updater didn't automatically kick of the installation routine, but now it does (for each copy of the script), and I agree that it's confusing. I've been thinking about placing the second line copy of the script in a zip file that the more daring users can manually unzip and run the installation routine on to alleviate this source of confusion. Please accept my apologies for it.



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        WAF-NetCallerID Script and HS.2?


        Oh HST's web page for 3rd party plug-ins they list:

        WAF-NetCallerID Script
        SCR-WAFNETCID7 (download/unlock codes)
        HomeSeer script interface for the NetCallerID hardware device. Hardware not included.
        (supports HomeSeer v1.7 only)

        Will your plug-in work with HS-2?

        Will there be an upgrade for support of HS.2?


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          Thanks for bringing that to my attention; I didn't realize they had it listed as only being compatible with 1.7.x. Both the WAF-NetCallerID script and the WAF-AB8SS plug-in work fine with HS2. I am using both with HS2 at my home.

          I've asked Mark C. to change the listing you mentioned.