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Build 1992 and script problem?

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  • Build 1992 and script problem?

    I upgraded to 1992 over the weekend. Immediately after, caller ID no longer works. The log says "Ring" but no data ever gets into HS... Since it says "Ring", I figure it might be a WAF thing...

    Ideas? Thanks.

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    Hi, rileydogmi.

    If you roll back to your prior version, will the script work? I have been on build 1992, myself, for just short of three days, and have had no problems with the WAF-NetCallerID script.



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      Wow - my serial ports reset to 9600 baud - when I changed them to 19.2, everything worked again... Now, how did that happen... I have no idea!

      Thanks for the reply!


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        Ever thought of offering a price for each additional line? You have 2 for $30, why not $15 for each line over 2? If you did the work to split it into 2, isn't it "easy" to make a 3rd, 4th, etc? Just more scripts?

        Maybe it isn't an easy project but doesn't hurt to ask! Thanks again,