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Call Wating ID not working

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    Call Wating ID not working

    I have successfully installed the NetCallerID device and the plugin in HS 1.7 (with a HS PCI Modem and HSP 2.0). Everything thing seems to be working (scripts, logfile, etc.) EXCEPT the Call Waiting Caller ID. Any hints on what to try to get this working? (Yes, I do have the service enabled from the telco.)


    The only thing that comes to mind is that you have to make sure the NetCallerID box is between your in-use phone and the telephone line. If you pick up a phone that's wired in parallel to the NetCallerID box, my understanding is that CWCID will not work.



      Thanks, David, could you please clarify

      So, if I understand your reply, you are saying the CWCID will only work if someone is on the one phone that is in series with NetCallerID? I will do some testing to see if CWCID works in that case, but that limits the utility of the device/plug-in severely. I have several phones in my house, and the odds of someone being on the one extention right by the computer are typically very slim.

      Does anyone else out there have CWCID working while on a phone extention other than the one the NetCallerID box is tethered to?


        Oops! My trial period is over!

        I went about testing the line in series vs. parallel, but found that my plug-in trial period had expired. (Not surprisingly, since I have not attended to this issue at all for several weeks.) I really don't want to cough up the cash for the plug-in if it's not going to do what I want it to do. David, is there a way I could get just a few more trial days to do some testing before deciding?


          I wonder if you could put the NetCallerID box on the main line coming into the house and then split from there to the other extensions?

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            How many phones are you running on your system?

            What I would do is:
            1- Make sure the NetCID box is inline if possible and all the phones are after it.
            2- Go down to just 1 phone after the box and see if the CWCID works. If it does then add phones until it quits working.

            The issue is not David's script. If that box spits info, his script reacts.

            It's a phone config issue or a NetCID box issue.

            Good luck.




              Sorry, I was off the board a few days.

              My understanding is that the box definitely needs to be the first item off of the phone line, with all other phones in the house trailing behind it. It's really not as hard to wire it this way as you might think, but you have to be a little tricky. The following is something that'll work for folks with only a single phone line in the house:

              First, do out to your phone box on the side of your house. Hook up your primary phone line to the second pair in your home (that is, instead of having the phone company incoming line hooked to your white-blue/blue-white pair, hook it to the white-orange/orange-white pair). Your original pair (white-blue/blue-white) are completely disconnected. At this point all the phones in your house are dead.

              Next, using a Line 1/Line 2/Combined phone splitter you can get at ShadioRack (Model: 279-432), run a line from the wall into the Comined Line 1/2 jack, then run Line 2 (phone company white-orange/orange-white) into the input of the NetCallerID, and take a line from the output of the NetCallerID and run it into the Line 1 jack. This will take the phone signal from the Line 2 wires and supply to all your household phones on Line 1, but will ensure that the NCID box is inline between them all. Requires a minimum of work, too.

              Should work for you. We suggested something like this when Tink and I worked for HAL.

              As for extending the trial, I'm afraid I have no control over that. HST can give you an extension, however.

              Best wishes!



                Can't find Callerid wafnet to register it.

                In startup it tells me it's expired but I can't find it to register it. Help!



                  Please see my response to your other post.