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Clearing up the audio?

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  • Clearing up the audio?

    Well, I got this plugin installed today and successfully altered the scripting so as to use the phone list the way I wanted to. (Thanks very much for the detailed example script!)

    My problem right now is: Microsoft Mary is speaking rather unclear, as if she's muffled somewhat. It would get worse if I turned up the sound, so I lowered it (Media player slider), but it seems I'm walking a tight-rope between volume and clarity here.

    I'm worried that if I run downstairs and turn up the tuner's audio (which was set to low for the Classical background music I occasionally play throughout the house), Mary will just get muffled once again.

    Can anybody offer any advice for getting clear, "normal talking volume" audio out of Mary?


    -= Dave =-

    P.S. I'll most likely pay for this plug-in tomorrow morning. Thanks!

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    I'm sorry I don't have ideas for you on the speaking problem with Mary. That sounds rather frustrating. I'm running separate speakers for background music and announcements so I can have different volume levels set. I'm afraid I don't have any helpful ideas.