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won't handle out of area properly

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  • won't handle out of area properly

    Hi all. My system does not handle out-of-area calls as I need it to. I wish to block all out of area calls that have no phone number attached, and my system does this fine via the default OOA listing in HSP phonebook. My problem is, when a call comes in as OOA and it DOES have a valid phone number attached, I want it to come through. But these calls are getting picked up and blocked as well. If I call my home from my work, I get blocked! A regular caller ID box shows out of area and my work number. The Net-caller ID box shows the same call as "unknown caller" and my work number. The HSP log shows name:O and number is my work number. And finally HS log shows name "out of area" and my work number. I have no clue how to fix this. My wife is ticked at me cause her sister can't call us without getting blocked (same scenario--out of area with a valid number). Can anyone advise? Using HS1.7 and latest HSP. Thanks, Richard

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    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Until the second week of April, I'm going to be out of pocket doing work on my church's building campaign. Please hang with me until then, and we can try to see what the trouble is. I'd need to have you run a test script to see if HSP doesn't like what the WAF-NetCallerID script is sending it, or if the script, itself, is not handling the information correctly.

    Would you please send my apologies to your patient wife, and ask her to forgive me for the delay?

    Warmest regards,



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      David, thanks for your response. I had opened a help desk ticket on this and Rich Helmke said updating to HS2 "should" fix the problem. So far it has. OOA callers with valid phone numbers attached can now get through, and there is peace again at home. And I get reliable CID with your script and device! All is well. Richard