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Use HSP for line 1 CID, and WAF Net CID line ?

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  • Use HSP for line 1 CID, and WAF Net CID line ?

    I currently have the HSP PCI modem and software handling CID on my home office line.

    I have a second phone line that I'd only like to add CID announcements via HS to. Could I get a NetCallerID box, hook it to the second line only, and hook it to a free serial port on my HS system, and use this script to capture the CID WITHOUT messing up the HSP CID function on line 1?

    I didn't know if there were common environmental variables or devices that are used, and would cause the two different CID feeds to interact with undesired result.

    The last thing I'd want is for the speaker application to announce a call and not know which line it was on.


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    In theory yes.

    I use the Meteor unit for CID but when I set up H2 I had left the settings for HS to get it's CID from the phone. The result was it announced the CID twice.
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      Yes, you can do that. The NetCallerID box is a wonderfully simple (and reliable) device.

      If you're interested, I've written the WAF-NetCallerID script to support the NetCallerID device. You can pump incoming CID into HS for HSP processing, or you can have it run independently with your own script.



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        Thanks. I'm waiting for the unit I bought to arrive.