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    Lets Get Started

    Ok, Life is GREAT.
    I have homeseer 2.1.49
    I have homeseer Phone
    I now have NetId box
    I have downloaded and install the WAF NetCallerID
    I have a two way pci modem

    Now, I am hoping on getting Caller ID to work better, and would also love to hear Caller ID waiting.

    What do I do next? Is there a special script to run when a the phone rings or what. I saw all the differant scripts, but not sure on what to use and why.

    Could someone that uses this feature, help me out on what I should have set up now. I did do the lines in the startup and shutdown. (I did get that done)

    PLEASE, someone share your ideas. I have looked at those scripts for about a week and still do not understand what I should be doing.


    There should have been a script that came with the WafCallerID that does this if memory serves me correctly.



      There was a script, but it seemed to me you was to pick from it what parts of it you want to use. That is where I am confused!!!
      Just wondered what other people was using, that works good for them. As I said, I really dont want much out of it, just to help with the caller id and caller id waiting on my homeseer PCI modem.
      I did find some caller ID scripts that was to look up names when they dont show up. I have VOIP and everyone comes in Anonymous. But have not found one that really worked yet either.
      Would love to find a script that would works there also. I hope some of the long timers out there can help a newbee.



        I use the WafNetCallerID scripts and they work great! I have it set to check the number against a list, and if it finds the number the whole house audio system will speak the name associated with the number, as Maestro displays callerID on the touchscreens.

        If the number is not recognized the callerID info is still scrolled and the house announces an unknown caller, and reads the number.

        This works both for new calls and callerID. This makes it handy when someone is on the phone. I can still tell that someone else is calling in, without the ring.

        The details for how to do most of this is contained inside the sample script. I believe it is option 2.


          How do you do this

          OK, so how do I do this?
          Do I go into the group of scripts that came with the download and pick option two. Then I make a action and put that section of the script in it?
          I will tell you what would be the best help, is if you could send me a copy of the one of yours that is working right. I would be so grateful. I dont mind trying things, but I think all I am doing now is screwing it up more and more.
          Now, This will pull the information from my address book or do I have to set up another one?
          I sorry I am so confussed;;;;;


            Don't be sorry for being confused... You are on the right track.
            How familiar are you with scripting?

            The script I use is the one titled WAF-NetcallerID-Sample-CID-processing.

            After looking at it, I actualy use example 3. To use a certain section you would want to uncomment (remove the ') for that section.

            I am afraid my script may not help you very much as it annouces to whole house and displays on Maestro. But nothing is stored in a device or the like. I also have negated using the caller cases, which is a pretty neat feature... I just opted to not use it.

            If I had a better idea of what you want to do with the callerID info I may be able to help a little better.

            Do you want to just log it?
            Do you want to send it to the speaker client?
            Do you want to store the last number in a device? etc...


              #1 Shut down HomeSeer

              #2 Edit the WAF-NetCallerID.ini file in the Config directory

              Mine looks like this: (stuff in RED are notes, don't put into file)

              InstallDone=True <--- Yours needs to say False
              i_com_port=4 <--- Com port number of where you installed the NetCID box
              i_hsp_installed=1 <--- 0 (zero if no HSP installed)
              i_cid_reversed=0 <--- You may have to change this later, leave for now
              i_cid_comma_delimiter=0 <--- You may have to change this later, leave for now
              i_com_port_resource=4 <--- Com port number of where you installed the NetCID box

              #3 Put this line somewhere in your startup.txt script:

              i_ret = hs.RunEx("waf-netcallerid.vbh","open_ncid","")

              #4 Put this line somewhere in your shutdown.txt script:

              i_ret = hs.RunEx("waf-netcallerid.vbh","close_ncid","")

              #5 Restart HomeSeer, look for errors in the log. Make a few calls to yourself, you should see stuff popping up in the log. You will later need to tweak the WAF-NetCallerID-Sample-CID-Processing.vbs (use Notepad) file so it runs your way, directions are in the file. I can't say for sure if call waiting CID will work at this time, I haven't seen it work since I went to HS 2.x.

              Good luck, Bill



                Thank You

                Thank you so much for that help. I did all of that and started homeseer again. It told me to change the
                InstallDone=True <--- Yours needs to say False
                to true if all is set up. I did this also.

                I am getting excited!!!!

                Now is the part I am confussed!
                Do I use all the script that came with it, or just sections.
                Believe it or not, I am really not stupid, I just like things to work and I am just learning this type of programing. I have a three degrees in computers, but nothing in vbs programing. I am hoping this is going to help me.
                So what do I need to do the the script to make it work?
                I have read the information on this, I am just lost. If I can get the script started running with a good one, then I will want to tweak it and make it my own. I just need one good one that works good for most people and go from there.

                You have been a big help, and I am sorry for being a pest, but you are the pro!!

                Thank you,


                  Start Simple:


                  ' Example 1: Announce name supplied by the
                  ' NetCallerID unit.
                  'hs.Speak "Call from " & s_ncid_name


                  ' Example 1: Announce name supplied by the
                  ' NetCallerID unit.
                  hs.Speak "Call from " & s_ncid_name

                  This should make it say exactly what is on the caller ID info. It may sound weird because it is the raw name the telco is giving you.

                  Another way is to paste this into section 2 and modify it using names and numbers you know:

                  ' Example 2: Conditional processing based on
                  ' phone number
                  Select Case s_ncid_number

                  Case "3015551111"
                  hs.Speak "Mom is calling"

                  flag = 1

                  Case "3015552514"
                  hs.Speak "Call from Bert"

                  flag = 1

                  Case "3015558744"
                  hs.Speak "Call from Ernie"

                  flag = 1

                  If flag = 0 then
                  'Couldn't find name in list, using name from CID box
                  hs.Speak "Call from " & s_ncid_name
                  end if

                  End Select

                  Just keep adding lines in the script using that format. Put in the people's numbers that you do know and put in on the next line how you want them announced.



                    Thank You-Thank You

                    Sounds like a start....thanks again.


                      Hey, Dan,

                      I was out camping with #2 son, got food poisoning/virus and home sick. So, sorry I'm late getting back to you on this thread. Did you get my note from Saturday?

                      Are you still having trouble? I see Bill, Dave and Rupp have been giving you a hand (thanks guys!). How can I help you?

                      The script should pretty much work out of the box, if you were successful with your setup and added the lines to your startup and shutdown scripts. Example 3 is the script that most people use, and that's the part that is active in what you installed. However, you said you're using HSP, which makes me think that, perhaps, you were having trouble receiving CID with your HS Modem. If this is the case, then you really might not care about the custom scripting you can do with WAF-NetCallerID, and prefer to just have it trigger HSP events, and use the regular HS interface to define what you want to do.

                      How can I help you?