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HomeSeer Phone 1.0.73 Question

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  • HomeSeer Phone 1.0.73 Question

    I noticed in your release notes that you state that this plug-in will pass information to HomeSeer Phone 2.0. Will this also pass the CID information to HSP 1.0.73? I have a older modem that captures CID information fine using HSP1.0 but will not work with HSP 2.0.

    I am adding a second phone line (teenagers) and would like to use the simple features of HSP 1.0 (event triggers, phone book lookup and logging) working in conjunction with the NCID box and your script.

    Is this a possibility?

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    WAF-NetCallerID requires HomeSeer 1.6.99 or later and HomeSeer Phone 2.0.101 or later, because it uses a function (combined phone number and CID name in a single command) that was not available in earlier releases. Sorry!



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      Thanks David

      Thanks for your response.

      I have two NCID boxes and will continue to tinker with this. I have tested the boxes using 2.0 and they seem to work fine and pass the CID information to my current script. I was just hoping for a way to trigger different events for the different lines, (HSP 1.0.73 supported 2 line with triggers for the different lines).

      I will keep working on this and let everyone know if I come up with a solution.



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        Originally posted by dkindred

        WAF-NetCallerID requires HomeSeer 1.6.99 or later and HomeSeer Phone 2.0.101 or later, because it uses a function (combined phone number and CID name in a single command) that was not available in earlier releases. Sorry!

        Won't some of the functions of the NetCID work for him? He may have to have your script to manually build the HS log file.

        I say let the trial rip and see how much functionality he does have.

        Or, probably, I don't know what the heck I am talking about...



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          I just thought it was a riot seeing somebody still using 1.0.73. I haven't used that one in ages. I kept using it a long time after HSP due to W2C issues and the fact it did support two lines.

          Later all.



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            Maybe a better question

            Yes Bill I use old technology that works. Why mess with something that is working. I am only adding a second line because of teenager.

            I guess a better question in all of this is: Using the already existing features of HSP 2.0 passthru to WAF-NetCallerID how can I differentiate between calls for Line 1 vs. Line 2 and kick off different events? I know that I can specify what script and what function to call based on WAF-NetCallerID, however I have not had good luck with the Split command.
            I get this error when trying to run the WAF-NetCallerID script.

            5/12/2006 13:01:32 Error Script error in file: CID_Test_L2.txt: 9:Subscript out of range: [number: 0] in line 12

            Against this script

            sub main()
            Dim s_paramaters
            Dim s_ncid_date
            Dim s_ncid_name
            Dim s_ncid_number
            Dim s_phone_list_name
            Dim s_phone_list_code
            Dim current_time

            'On Error Resume Next

            ' Split incoming data into component parts of
            ' date, name and number.
            s_paramaters = split(what_parameters,Chr(9))
            s_ncid_date = s_paramaters(0)
            s_ncid_name = s_paramaters(1)
            s_ncid_number = s_paramaters(2)

            ' Example 1: Announce name supplied by the
            ' NetCallerID unit.
            hs.WriteLog "Call from " & s_ncid_name
            end sub

            Any Ideas?


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              This is part of what came out of a CID script (probably since bastardized by me) from a script that came with my NetCID package:

              PHP Code:
              '==== use to togle the use of HSP
              Dim UseHSP
              UseHSP = true
              dData split(data,"...")
              ResDate instr(1,dData(0),"DATE")
              ResNum instr(1,dData(1),"NMBR")
              ResName instr(1,dData(2),"NAME")

              '==== Get the Date - currently not used.
              ==== NOW is used instead due to formattingcalldate is raw miltime.
              '==== As long as the servert time is current, NOW should be accurate.
              if ResDate <> 0 then
              ' CallDate = mid(dData(0),ResDate + 4, len(dData(0)) - (ResDate))
              ' CallDate = NOW
              end if
              '==== Get the Name and format
              if ResName <> 0 then
               Caller = mid(dData(2),ResName + 4, len(dData(2)) - (ResName))
               ResName = instr(1, caller,",")
               if ResName <> 0 then
              ==== format for log entry if not in address book
                Dim fName
              lcase(Mid(Caller,1,ResName -1))
              lName ucase(mid(lName,1,1)) & mid(lName,2,len(lName)-1)
              fName lcase(Mid(Caller, (ResName 1), (Len(Caller) - ResName)))
              fName ucase(mid(fName,1,1)) & mid(fName,2,len(fName)-1)
              Caller fName " " lName
              ResName instr(1caller,"-")
              ResName <> 0 then
              lcase(Mid(Caller,ResName 1,(len(Caller) - (ResName -1))))
              Caller ucase(mid(caller,1,1)) & mid(caller,2,len(caller)-1)
              end if
              Caller "Not Given"
              end if 



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                s_paramaters = split(what_parameters,Chr(9))

                Where is what_parameters defined?



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                  Hey, guys.

                  Bill, yes, it's true that Bob could get some functionality out of the script, and could have some HS scripts execute based on CID, but I think I was concentrating more on his requirement that HSP 1.0.73 be used, which it can't, because it doesn't have the required functionality built into it. So, WAF-NetCallerID could be used on his system, but would have to run as if HSP did not exist.

                  what_parameters is the single parameter for the function process_ncid_data, which is called by the WAF-NetCallerID script. It has the data in this format:

                  5/17/2006 <tab character> David Kindred <tab character> 3015551212

                  All the split command does it break apart the three sections, based on the <tab character> and place them in an array for easy access.

                  Bob, it looks as if you've taken part of the code from the process_ncid_data to put in a separate script file, but you're not including the parameter that would be populated by the script.

                  You can have two separate copies of the WAF-NetCallerID script running with two different boxes (one for each line) and have each copy call a different script for processing of the information, so they can be handled independently for the parents and the kids.

                  Best wishes to you both,



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                    David and Bill
                    Thanks for your replies.

                    I thought I grabbed all the necessary defines and added it to my script. I was just testing with a simple script to verify that it would work. I will go back and relook at this and see if I can find what I missed.

                    Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted on my progress.