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Troubleshooting after new hardware

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    Rats, looks like that's more of a .88-related problem:

    Back to the script... I guess.


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      I think I figured it out.

      Original code:

      ' Add new caller to text file with a default
      ' code of 2000.
      i_ret = add_caller_to_file(s_ncid_number, s_ncid_name, 2000)
      s_phone_list_code = 2000
      hs.WriteLog "WAF-NET DEBUG", "Have now added this number to phone.txt."
      hs.WriteLog "WAF-NET DEBUG", "current_time = " & current_time
      If current_time >= "8:00" And current_time <="21:00" Then
      hs.WriteLog "WAF-NET DEBUG", "About to announce OTHER caller."
      hs.Speak "Other call from " & s_phone_list_name
      End If
      End If

      Line / change that seems to have fixed the problem.:

      If current_time >= "08:00" And current_time <="21:00" Then

      Yep! A single zero! Military time !!

      The debug print statement now writes to Homeseer's log and Homeseer speaks appropriately. I'm now about to update my other if-then's in the script accordingly.

      Thanks for sticking with me on this!

      Just goes to prove: TIME is out to get me !!

      -= Dave =-


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        Which makes me wonder: Why the hell did this work earlier? I'm now thinking perhaps it was only working for 1/4 of the callers, since 1/4th of the possible callers and time-of-day combinations does NOT have an if-then statement checking for it.

        It probably only spoke 1/4th of the time... and I didn't notice, because I only had this all working for a very short time before the power-surges took out my hardware. (Plus, the volume on the output was / is still too low to be heard unless you listen VERY carefully. That's what I'm going to tackle next.)


        -= Dave =-


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          Hi, Dave,

          This is my first time back on the MB since my post yesterday. Looks like I missed out on a good part of the saga!

          Congratulations on finding the zero thing! I now recall that someone else had mentioned something along those lines a long while back, but I don't think it affected other folks. I wonder if anything changed in your regional settings? It is odd that it worked before. I'd love to know what the root issue is.

          Congratulations, once again!