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HomeSeer is open and operational this week. All orders are being processed and shipped as usual. However, some staff are working from home. If you need to contact HomeSeer for support or customer service, please use our Email or Chat options.
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    Just wanted to say Nice Plugin.
    Installed yesterday and running 100%

    Having trouble with CID on W2C and HS Phone?

    Get the NetcallerID and the WAF goes up.

    After struggling for weeks to get my CID working on the W2C, I gave up (for now)
    No more CID Problems with this. Rock Solid, and hopefully it stays like that.

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    What program are you using that is doing you such a great job? I am sorry that I can figure out you post. Anything new that works with my w2c and my net caller id is always exciting to know. I love using HSP, and would like to have more scripts for it especially IVR scripts. I cant get anyone to share them, I am sure people have different ones, but I don't know why they will not share. If I could figure it out, I would share, but I just don't have any luck with them.
    Cant wait to hear about what you found so exciting!


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      I'm not saying I'm swimming in gold or nothing right now, I was only saying that after struggling for a month or so, to get my W2C to show caller ID in HS, I gave up and I have 100% more than I had 4 days ago. I now have reliable caller ID.

      Until HS and W2C can work out the issues involved with both living happily together, I would recommend the wafnetcallerID.

      I too think it is frustrating that It had to come to this, even after spending $350 on the W2C, and finding an $11.00 piece of hardware acts better in some aspects.

      Now that I have callerID back, I can move forward to work on all those great IVR scripts I wanted to do , so If I learn anything new, I'll let you know.

      Good Luck