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reverse caller id name

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  • reverse caller id name

    How do you reverse the cname received from the telco in waf netcallerid?

    I remember if prompted me to do so in the initial setup, but I must have chosen incorrectly.

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    I think it was in the original ini file for WAF NetCID. I don't utilize it any more but here is the INI file from when I did:

    ;  This INI file controls the operation of the WAF-NetCallerID system.
    ;  Here is a description of the parameters below:
    ;       i_com_port is the number of the COM port that the NetCallerID device is connected to.
    ;       i_hsp_installed (1=True, 0=False) indicates whether HomeSeer Phone is installed.
    ;	i_hs_announces_caller (1=True, 0=False) indicates whether HomeSeer will announce caller's
    ;		name. Will be 0 if user is planning to have external script process CID.
    ;	s_cid_prefix holds the words spoken before the CID name, if HomeSeer (as opposed to
    ;		HomeSeer Phone) is used to announce the caller's name.
    ;       i_cid_reversed (1=True, 0=False) Indicates that CID information is presented last name first.
    ;	i_cid_comma_delimiter (1=True, 0=False) Indicates that there is a comma separating the
    ;		first/last names in CID data.
    ;	i_call_external_script (1=True, 0=False) Indicates that CID information should be passed 
    ;		to and external script.
    ;	s_script_name is the name of the external script that will be called after CID data is
    ;		received. A sample script 'WAF-NetCallerID-Sample-CID-Processing.vbs' is provided.
    ;	s_function_name is the name of the function within the script that will be called with the
    ;		CID data. A sample function 'process_ncid_data' is provided in the sample script.
    ;	s_phone_list_file contains the name of the text file of telephone numbers, codes and
    ;		custom announcement text.
    ;	InstallDone (True, False) indicates that the hs_install was executed successfully or this
    ;		 file was modified to contain the values appropriate for the installation.
    - Pete

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