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Status of development and licence costs?

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  • Status of development and licence costs?


    Your application does what my homeseer script does; logging data at time intervals to a database (in my case MS-Access). I have developed routines to provide charts for my website/HSTouch interfaces. Drawback of my method (speed; although it works with 30 seconds log interval on a Asus EeeBox B202 (dual core atom) and lack of time at my side to work actively on it). Nevertheless I am planning to convert it to a MySQL database when switching over to Homeseer3.

    So mainly the time issue hinders the development of my script. So your suite of applications looks a good solution.

    1. Looking to your website I do not see any new versions/new developments since February 2013. Is the project still alive? What is going to be released in December/January?

    2. Is homeseer 3 supported? If not when will it be supported?

    3. With respect to the licence costs; the pluggin and the device logger user part (advanced version) costs roughly 60 euro's. This is without the to be released admin module. As the plugin is only an initial fee it leaves me with 35 euro/year to renew the license of the user module excluding the to be released admin module.
    a. is there a reduced price for an upgrade?
    b. what happens with the module; does it stop working or is it that updates are not for free anymore?
    c. what about a reduced price when buying all three?

    Biggest thing for me is that I do not see an active development. I will have probably some feature requests/bug discovery when I start using your tool and an active development is important for me.


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    Hi Jan Willem,

    The DeviceLogger Continuous plugin is working in HS2 and a HS3 version is not planned yet.

    The DeviceLogger User program has a subscription cost per year, this is every year the same. The program stops working after 365 days.

    Currently there are not enough users to actively work on the program. You could install the trial version and let me know what you would need to start using the program. I will look into it and let you know if it will be created. You can then always make you own decision to buy it or not.