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xAP Plugin not updating HS Devices

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    Your conclusion is likely the case. If you send me a private message with your email I can send you a different hub that contains message counts for each message received and forwarded. This would confirm the problem is at the receiving end.


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      Enclosed is a version of the xAP conduit with some additional debug information that might help narrow down what is going on here. At the bottom of the Conduit's config screen there is now a xAP Status line. It will look something like this 1 / 49342 / 01/01/2005 19:54 . The first number will either be a 1 or 0 and signifies a valid connection to the network card. The second number is the port that it is listening on, this number should match the "port=" line in the xAP Heartbeat messages that you see in viewer from the Homeseer devices. The 3rd part is the date and time of the last packet received, this is updated when any packet is received, xAP or not.
      Next time you notice devices not being updated can you see what this line says and also using Viewer grab a copy of a heartbeat from the device called mi4.homeseer.XXX.Master and also the time that heartbeat was sent.
      One other thing to try is to leave Homeseer running and stop and start the xAP hub. You will need to wait a couple of minutes for things to re-regiester, after this see if traffic has resumed to HomeSeer.

      Hope this helps

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        I just caught up with this thread.

        I am seeing the same thing, or something similar, with xAp Weather on the same machine as HomeSeer.

        I won't have time until the weekend to do any troubleshooting, but I'm willing to help try to track this down (assuming the problem I am having is the same which I can't say for sure until I do some additional testing).



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          Michael, James,

          Sorry for the delayed response. I am doing some travel for the next week or so and will hopefully have some time on the weekend to check into this further.

          Thanks for the responses, it is greatly appreciated.