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Not getting 1-wire data

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    Thermo button

    DS family 21 Temperature
    The return of unknown with ID# would be great. Then I and others could test that against a list of known ID numbers and allow entry. Specificly I have a reader outside the garage and if the button is approved (kids) it will open the garage where the kids can get a hidden key to open the house.


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      The DS1921 is a thermochron device that logs temp readings and then later can be retrieved. Usefull for something like inside a shipping crate to know if the oranges froze in transit.

      This device was fully supported in mcsTemperature and should be recognized in the xap 1 wire. I also know there are some iButton devices that only report their address and logic exists in mcsTemperature to report on/off if they were not present / present. This may be a little simplier for you since only the on/off - off/on event would be reported.

      When I get back I look at the source code and see what remains of these things in the code.


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        Originally posted by Michael McSharry
        We are all just guessing and he is the one that knows best how his plugin works.
        The plugin expects the standard BSC 1.3 elements when you create a BSC device from the wizard. I am currently looking at adding displaytext support as this was not included in the BSC1.3 version of the plugin as this was an optional item. The plugin will ignore any non standard elements of a xAP message so lines like the database= will be removed. However if you select a raw xAP device instead of BSC from the wizard you will be able to track the status of the device in HomeSeer. The difference here is you would only be able to view the level of the device and not control it.
        For the wizard to decide whether a device is bsc1.3 compliant or not it simply listens out for bsc1.3 messages from that device. Any new device that is discovered that sends a non bsc message will cause the plugin to send a bsc query to that device, if a valid response is received then the device is tagged as bsc1.3. If the initial message from a new device is a bsc 1.3 one the the device is tagged as bsc 1.3 straight away.




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          All the Temperature are read through

          I am using a iButton DS1982 (blue dot reader) which ends with 09 as the family.

          All the 21's I have are 21-Proto. I can't find any further information on them.

          The other assortment of iButtons that I have are all for ID and file/data storage
          01 DS1990A
          0C DS1996
          1A DS1963L
          16 DS195X (Java)
          73 DS1973
          82 DS1991


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            Follow up to mi4 and mcs

            I'm not even getting the option on the 1-wire to use the BSC schema. I only get the option for RAW. I seem to get only the reader information not any secondary units that are on the reader. Also the reader is not passing or HS is not receiving the ID number data. I tend to lean towards the information is not being passed out of 1-wire due to the fact that I don't see it on the HUB or xAP Desktop.

            When I pulled out the old weather station it reported to HS fine. I didn't run it for long since that was not what I was attempting to do.

            I thank all of you for assisting me with this endevor.

            Another passing thought while I was writing this. I'm planning on using the temperature sensors to monitor areas once I get this running. It is just another item to use as IDs after temperature is running. So I'm still interested in getting temperature operating, I'm not concern with data stored in the unit just the current temperature.


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              xapmcs1wire was update in V1.2.0 to report unknown devices with an ON state. I also changed the DS1921 to unknown as well since there is no xap support for it to load and unload a mission.


              The 01 family, DS1990A and DS1982 exhibit the toggle property. After initial detection they will report as a Switch type with OFF when removed from the bus and ON when placed back on it. This has not been tested in the xap environment, but was with mcsTemperature. Note that the DS9097U reports its ID as a DS1982 device. You will never see this this one on the xap bus since removal of the adapter will be reported as an error rather than as the removal of the DS1982.

              I'm not going to do anything with the memory devices since that involves a more elaborate xap reporting mechanism to upload banks of memory. Those which are not explicitly identified will report as unknown and can be used as a presence indication.

              The list of implemented devices is shown in the following code segment.

              Select Case DeviceFamily
              Case "DS1921"
              'fail = DS1921(address, sPort)
              DSOther address, sPort
              Case "DS1982"
              '1982 presence is marked in the FindDevice procedure
              DS1982 address, sPort
              Case "DS1990A"
              DS1990A address, sPort
              Case "DS2423"
              'Counter (Wind Speed, Rain)
              fail = DS2423(address, sPort)
              Case "DS18B20"
              fail = DS18B20(address, sPort)
              Case "DS1822"
              fail = DS1822(address, sPort)
              Case "DS1820", "DS1920"
              fail = DS1920(address, sPort)
              Case "DS2405"
              fail = DS2405(address, sPort)
              Case "DS2406"
              fail = DS2406(address, sPort, 0)
              fail = DS2406(address, sPort, 1) Or fail
              Case "DS2438"
              'A/D (Humidity / Baro)
              fail = DS2438(address, sPort)
              Case "DS2450"
              'A/D (Wind Direction)
              fail = DS2450(address, sPort)
              Case Else
              DSOther address, sPort
              End Select


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                Lost link to 1-wire

                I cannot find the download location. Where can I download the latest and greatest. I'm going to get this running this weekend between soccer games.


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                  In the mcsFreePlugins group of 3rd party plugins