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xAP Weather works 1st time only......

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  • xAP Weather works 1st time only......

    I have read all the messages in this forum and also on the site and am still stumped. I have seen similar problems but nothing I have tried is working. Because it is a stand alone application I've tried it with everything running, and with nothing else running with the same result.

    I assume port 80 for the updates, both timed updates and fresh program launch.

    If I delete the weather.ini file, start the app and put in the required info, it works every time just like it should. (the first time after manual entry)

    Then if I let it run in the system tray, it never updates. Does it do this automatically or is there something I'm missing?

    If I shut it down and restart, it always gives me a no data error, and it never even tries to connect to NASA for new data.

    I have shut down my firewalls and tried with no luck. I have set permissions for wide open access to the net, just to try it, nothing gained.

    If it didn't work at all it would be easier to accept! Any ideas would be welcome and appreciated.


    Added 4-30-05

    I'm apparently the only one having this problem. Has it worked well for all that are using it?
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    As you the fact that it's getting the data once must mean everything is configured correctly. I wonder if it's something particular to that feed. Could you post here the contents of you settings file and I'll look into it. I use EGLL here, London, and that runs correctly, could you try that source and see if it works for you? (don't be too shocked by our weather though)



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      It's working now...

      Hello James,

      Thanks for the response. It was a self created problem that I didn't catch until I tried to see if London weather worked. When I created a new desktop display for More Weather, I realized that the first box that poped up asked me for a location. I had forgotten that and once the display was in the active list I launched your weather app, there was a confict with the first windows information and the second in the app.
      Anyway, the solution was creating a new display element for More Weather!
      When the info was consistent for both the initial response to "where" and the .ini building response when launching the weather app, It works beautifully!

      This seems like a good place to say thanks for the excellent work!


      P.S. Your weather is alot like ours here today near Chicago Illinois.