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  • Ds1923

    Hi Mickael,
    I would like to know if the plugin recognizes the DS1923, because I cannot read the water content with. Thank you


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    I did the DS1921 with mcsTemperature plugin but no user for it and stopped maintaining it. The DS1923 is a similar animal that has mission load and mission dump functionality. It opens up a new protocol for mass storage transfer as well as a setup for the mission. I have no plans to migrate the mission log / mission retrieve for DS1921 to xAP or add the DS1923. It may be possible to interface with only the current humidiyt/temp reading of the DS1923.

    If this is of interest then let me know and I'll order samples of the DS1923.


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      Yes, I am very interested by that, in order to control one VMC in kitchen and bathroom.

      Thanks U



      • #4
        I ordered the samples. Hopefully they are in stock.


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          Hi Michael,

          i would also be very interested in seeing the ds1923 temperature and humidity in xapmcs1wire.

          Currently it does not work.
          many thanks for the nice job!


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            Maxim never did provide the samples so I do not have anything to work with. I do have a DS1921 that I can play with and I may be able to generalize to the DS1923. I did implement the mission functionality with mcsTemperature and found it not too useful in this environment, but its use a basic sensor to provide current readings should be doable.


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              I gave the 1923 a try. It is posted at It would be best to continue the discussion there if there is any feedback on xapmcs1Wire application


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                Many thanks Michael,

                I'll try & keep u informed !