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HomeSeer 2 compatability

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  • HomeSeer 2 compatability

    Just to mention that we haven't as yet had access to the HomeSeer v2 beta and I am aware that several aspects of the code for the xAP plugin will need maintenance. When we do find out what's required I'll update everyone.

    Michael McSharry also has a xAP plugin for HomeSeer that approaches the integration in a different way. I suppose you could say that the xAP plugin from mi4 integrates HS into xAP and Michaels' integrates xAP into HS. We have taken the approach of making all xAP devices accesible to HS and all HS devices accessible to xAP. BSC adds the aspect of full status and control in a close to 'plug and play' fashion. Both plugins provide similar functionality as far as xAP BSC devices are concerned but diverge in other ways, some people will prefer one and some the other. Michaels plugin is an evolving product to meet his own needs in a very sophisticated xAP setup that he has. Our intent is to try and make the plugin provide as easy an integration as possible and to allow other apps eg XLobby, xAP Desktop, xAP Floorplan etc to integrate with HomeSeer. There has been a thread on this in the HS beta forum and I hope it will continue here if there is interest. I understand Michaels' plugin is v2 compatible.


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    Thanks for the update. As are many, I am eagerly awaiting v2. Until then, I am an avid user of your plugin along with xlobby. The Homeseer-xAP-xLobby setup gives me the friendly user interface and features of xLobby with power and event programming of Homeseer. It is a great bridge. Thanks again for all your hard work.



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      Can both xAP plugins coexist? Unfortunately I am xAP unaware (so far) so don't know if that question was silly.


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        Both should be able to coexists.


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          Good news for xAP users

          Just received this and thought it may be of interest to others.

          You may wish to have a little look here..
          (any HomeSeer users probably do too)


          Sounds like it will be working very soon.


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            Yes, the new plugin is coming along. Shouldn't be too much longer. I should also point out that the existing plugin does actually work with hs2, just not ideally as it doesn't use the web interface and uses some depreciated calls with generate warnings in the HomeSeer log.

            Anyway the new plugin will be totally web based and really quite colourful as you can see from the screenshots ;-) I'll post futher as progress is made.