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xap device change all the time

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  • xap device change all the time

    im having some issues with the xap plugin and im not sure whats normal and whats not, about the time i get my scripts all setup to work off the device codes associated with my xap sensors I get a window that says new devices are detected and it loads my 1 wire sensors in again and of course with new device codes...

    for each 1 wire sensor what am I supposed to have? this latest round for each device I got detection of what appears are the devices themselves..

    this happens automatically I generally dont touch anything, and at the present moment 1 of my temp sensors is completely gone it wont update via the plugin anymore.
    ive attached a screenshot of my xap devices.. I just want some consistency .. i cant keep having to edit my scripts every 4 days ..
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    Take a look with the xAP Viewer and note the xAP UID of one of your sensors. Next time your device code changes take a look again at the UID and see if it has changed. This may have nothing to do with how James assigns devices, but I'm throwing out ideas. The UID is the 8-character code in the header part of the message.


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      whats wierd is in my pic above devices \10,\9,\6 never existed before and all the sudden after xap has been running over a week i get the notice of a new device and install it.. what doesnt show up on that screen is the fact I skipped 3 devices and didnt install them because they were redundant.. its very unpredictable and im not sure why, I never get the same sensor twice in the xap viewer and ive not replaced any of the sensors themselves. I do have a high amount of traffic on my xap conduit because of ocelot devices being reported.. so what ive doen now is remove the ocelot devices from being reported with xap and see if mabe im just running into a traffic issue.. im using hubconsole which seems to be more stable than the hubgui I tried before.
      PerfecTemp - the Most advanced HVAC system I've ever Built - and its in my House