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Help using xap with Ocelot and HS2.0

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  • Help using xap with Ocelot and HS2.0

    Hi, I have installed the XAP plugin for HS2.0 and also installed the XAP hub.
    What I am totally confused about is how to set up XAP with the Ocelot.
    In the Interfaces menu I have the Ocelot plugin with the X10, ir and other buttons.
    I also have the same for the XAP plugin. When I enable all three on the OCelot it disables all 3 on the XAP and visa versa. Now I understand XAP can be used to pass data from one PC to another. What I dont understand is how the Ocelot passes x10 data to xap. I watched the xap log and so the heartbeat and other things going on but did not see any log activity if I switched on a light via x10. Should I see all x10 activity in the xap log ?

    In previous posts on the forum I was told you dont need both running but im confused how the ocelot can let xap know whats going on if it is disabled. Hope im making some sense as im confusing myself

    What I am basically after is to play around with xap over the web and first of all pass x10 commands and then I can try some other xap features. I can then try and pass variables to and from homeseer.
    Is there an easy example I can set up using homeseer and xap ?


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    I can describe a general architectural approach and what I have done to show you some options.

    Homeseer supports at most 1 X10 interface and 1 IR interface. This is why one is auto deselected when a second is chosen.

    I believe the xAP conduit will support the X10 and IR for Homeseer, but it assumes that the actual X10 and IR hardware will be interfaced via xAP somewhere outside of Homeseer on the LAN. To use the ocelot for X10 and IR with the xAP conduit you wlll need something like xapmcsADIOcelot.

    A second architecture is with mcsXap rather than xAP conduit. In this case you setup the ocelot or ADIOcelot plugin within mcsXap to be the passthrough X10 and IR. All your IR and X10 will still be just as it was before with direct control under Homeseer. By installing mcsXap you get the added benefit of allowing other xAP applications access Homeseer's capabilities.

    When I started I used the passthrough so that I could have 2 X10 interfaces (ocelot and CM11A) and cover dead spots that only one could not. After I finished writing the xapmcsADIOcelot then I remove the ADIOcelot plugin as a passthrough and run xapmcsADIOceot as another xAP node.

    If your objective is simply to play with xAP then I would suggest using xapmcsADIOcelot since this will give you the distribution of computing between two applications and you can see message traffic with the xAP viewer.

    xapmcsADIOcelot uses the IR names defined in the CMAX System Map. I do not know how xap Conduit gets its IR names. mcsXap gets its IR names from the HS1 IR Config file and that file was synchronized with the CMAX System map when I was running ADIOcelot as a Homeseer plugin. I do not know anything about how HS2 deals with IR naming, but I suspect it is totally different. If I recall, mcsXap also delivers the IR location via xAP so the name will not matter. xAP conduit will use only the IR name.

    If you want to use xapmcsADIOcelot I'll refresh the posting on the message board so it will be the same as what I'm currently running. I'll also provide mcsXap if this is the direction you want to take. I know others are using mcsXap under HS2, but I'm not aware of any xAP / IR / HS2 users.


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      Hi Darren,

      I don't use the Ocelot plugin with HS but I have downloaded it to try , it may of course not load fully without an Ocelot being present but it seems happy. This is the HomeSeer "Applied Digital Ocelot" version of the plugin I assume

      As Michael says the mutuallly exclusive choice for IR / X10 between Ocelot and the xAP plugin is correct as HS supports one interface. The one with 'Other' is perhaps not so, and you say it is also mutually exclusive ? In my setup here this option is not mutually exclusive and I have several plugins enabled as 'Other' and you do want both xAP and Ocelot enabled here . Can you check this perhaps ??



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        When an interface is selected as "Other" then it is limited to plugin-only functionality. When IR is commanded via Homeseer it will go to the IR interface. It will not go the "Other" interface. There is also a different logic path that is used for the X10 interface vs. the "Other" interface. Only plugin devices can be controlled via the "Other" interface. The A1, A2, etc devices go through the X10 interface unless they are explicitly claimed by the plugin and, if claimed, they will likley not be available for the X10 interface to control.

        One can do IR via the "Other" interface, but it will be via specific features enabled by the "Other" plugin and it will not be able to take advantage of the Homeseer IR scripting methods or the IR GUI features.


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          Thanks Micheal and Kevin for your help. I now have X10 control working through XAP using xapmcsADIOcelot. I will have a look at the "other" setting. I have set up all my infra-red in homeseer 2.0 which did work. I will have a play with IR at the weekend and see if it works still under xap (i dont use cmax at present). I will see if I can get some non-homeseer apps to pass data via xap to homeseer. I'm not sure if my w800 is receiving my x10 anymore PIRs but will try tonight.