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Looking for xAP for Das3145

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  • Looking for xAP for Das3145

    Hey Guys,

    I wonder if anyone can help. I am currently using a temprature sensor board from Quasar. The current Homeseer plugin for this doesn't work 100% with HS2 so I am looking at alternatives. I've just started to mess around with xAP and noticed there is a xAP application for the 3145. The trouble is, it runs in a DOS window and ideally I want it to run as a service.

    Anyone know of a xAP app for the Quasar 3145 that runs as a service ?



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    Are you up to modifying VB6 source code to run as a service ? There are actually two apps I think for the Quasar, one runs under cygwin (I believe) which is what you have and there is a VB6 application - for which source code is available. Now getting VB6 apps to run as services is not simply a case of clicking an option but it can be done. Or would having the app run as a windowless tray application suffice ?



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      Unfortunatley I have no programming experience what so ever

      A windowless tray icon would certainly be better than what's running now. Do you know of one ?

      Many Thanks



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        Let me see what I can find - I wrote a VB app a while back for the Quasar and I can adapt it easily to tray icon in a similar way to say xAPTel uses for CallerID. If you can bear with your existing app for a couple of weeks though as I am snowed under currently.



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          That would be fantastic ! Thanks mate )


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            I put a xAP connector for this unit at It runs with a tray icon and uses xapbsc for reporting. If you give me a pointer to making an interactive application a service one then perhaps I could give you that variant.