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IR & Zone Control

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  • IR & Zone Control

    I'm putting this post in the xAP forum because there might be xAP support for what I'm looking for...

    I've seen Extreamer mentioned here a number of times but I'm yet to find an xAP server/widget/thing for it. Let me tell you what I'm looking for:

    I have a CT-600 whole house audio controller. I have remote keypads with IR receivers throughout the house. In each zone I can select the Extreamer to play MP3 files. I have the IR receiver on it and the CT-600 will forward IR to the Extreamer so that I can control it from the keypads or the Extreamer remote.

    What's that you say? No HomeSeer interaction? You got it! I want to break - errr fix that next.

    The CT-600 has a serial port. The Extreamer has an serial port which can be completely remoted through Ethernet. The IR dongle connects to the serial port.

    In the least I would like to have all IR processed by the CT-600 to come into the Extreamer and sent to HomeSeer. That way I could have the keypads control HomeSeer.

    Is there an xAP connector for the Extreamer that support the serial over Ethernet connection? The CT-600?

    Any ideas even if they don't involve xAP?

    Thanks much
    Jon Ort
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    I don't use the Barix Exstreamer myself but there is a xAP conduit for it written by Edward . Actually the xAP code is written in BCL and runs embedded on the Exstreamer itself. It implements the xAP whole house audio schema so it's a very neat standalone solution. Whether it actually does just what you want I doubt but I believe the BCL source code may be available and hence adaptable . Have a chat with Edward either directly or even better via the xAP Automation Yahoo site which he monitors. I don't believe he regularly checks this forum.

    Edwards site...

    xAP Yahoo Group