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    Originally posted by Michael McSharry
    I can get to the skin editor, but how do I get to the screen with the button text I want to edit? The screen editor shows me the main screen with setup and exit and allows me to edit those. I want to edit the Automation pages buttons.
    like I said... NOT intuitive. I just start clicking around, litterally.

    you need to double click on the GOTO tab, then double click the screen you want.

    then, post on the XL forum in my thread and lets try to get Steven to revamp the editor. my screen name on the forum is Aaron... strange eh :P


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      I know I did it in the past so I must of read about it somewhere. It is no problem once you know. The little install info that comes with the skin would be the appropriate place to include it. That is where I first looked.

      When I did look at the event associated with any of the lowest-tier buttons I did see nothing assigned which is what I expected since I hade no messages when I actioned the button. Any hints why my import of gelessor's files did not include the event associations. It not so much that I need his events, but I would like to understand how it fits together.


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        no clue, mine had the events... are you looking under the xAP section of the skin editor?