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Update to xAP HSv2 Plugin released

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  • Update to xAP HSv2 Plugin released

    Hi all,

    James has released an update to the xAP HomeSeer v2 plugin over on Fixes a number of issues , completes the transition to a web based interface and addresses some startup issue to do with hub registration.

    Please post any comments here or on the xAP Automation list.


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    I have been observing the behavior of the HS2 beta 1 xAP plugin of 12-Dec-05 and have a concern about network traffic generated. While observing xAP messages from a hub viewer, I see a periodic flood of messages that lasts about four seconds and drives CPU usage to 90% on a 3GHz Pentium. I've gone in to the xAP Devices tab and disabled the HomeSeer buttons for most devices (the Green dots turn Red after clicking). Still lots of messages. So I disabled the BSC for most devices as well. Now network traffic seemed reasonable. All was well until I restarted HS and the BSC for all devices re-enabled themselves. This was a huge bummer because it took me about an hour to click them all off (after each click, you have to wait for the page to redraw and then scroll down to where you were).

    Is there a way to globally disable all the device BSC and then selectively re-enable the ones of interest? Alternatively, is there a configuration file I could edit since it would likely be faster then the web interface? Lastly, is there a way to keep them from re-enabling after HS restarts?


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      Is a minor update to beta1 which adds a global enable/disable to the device list. Should make things much easier to change.
      For info, all the config is stored in the /xAP/ folder within HomeSeer and in particular the settings.txt file. If you look down the bottom you will see DisableH= and DisableB= lines. These are comma seperated lists of devices that have the feature disabled. All the device config webpage does is to add and remote from these two lines.




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        Thanks James!

        I'll give that version a try. I'm a little confused though... I could have swore I clicked to download the latest version yesterday but I don't remember the "b" suffix. It might be worth double checking the link. Thanks again for your continued HS support.


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          Is this just a coincidence? I installed the plugin (b) in HS. Now Xlobby does not see its xAP3 plugin any more.


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            Jay - OT

            Are you experiencing any issues accessing sites on the net. I only ask cause you are so close to my location and I'm having major issues. Can only access HS and cocoon sites.

            Sorry for stealing this thread. Slight panic mode here!


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              No issues except for Ski's site. VOIP me.


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                wish I could.


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                  Jay. Enable PM's on this board.


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                    I did.

                    OK, my backup copy of XL works fine with the new HS2/mi4 xAP plugin with no changes. Don't know. Maybe it's wise to close all xAP apps when upgrading.


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                      I keep receiving the following err for the xAP Counduit, in both beta 1 and 1b:

                      Run-time error '91':
                      Object variable or With block variable not set

                      Any ideas? Finally have 2 temp sensors setup and now this happens!
                      Plus now I loose xap messages from HS to xlobby.


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                        Ok. Reverted back to old builds, so beta releases are now ruled out!


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                          Is no one else seeing this?
                          BTW. I upgraded to HS 2032 just yesturday. Wonder if this might have had something to do with it............