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Integrating Xlobby to Homeseer

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  • Integrating Xlobby to Homeseer

    Hi all...I am trying to create buttons etc within Xlobby which will execute events or turn devices on or off in Homeseer via XAP Conduit. I have this plugin within homeseer and am using the XAP - Xlobby plugin within Xlobby.

    This is what has been created in Homeseer devices:

    kubla ptrinchi.xlobby.kubla xAP.x10.request xAP-x10.request command
    kubla ptrinchi.xlobby.kubla xAP.x10.request xAP-x10.request count
    kubla ptrinchi.xlobby.kubla xAP.x10.request xAP-x10.request device

    Each of these has been assigned a seperate code in homeseer ie #1 etc

    From Xlobby I can change the command on or off and the device to eg: TvRoom.TvRoomLamp or whatever parameter I enter.

    This is what i am sending from Xlobby


    I guess my question is this: should I be able to turn on or off devices or execute events directly from Xlobby to homeseer or do I have to set up seperate events in homeseer based on change of the 3 devices that homeseer created?

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    The xap-x10 schema should be recognized in the xAP Conduit and only 1 device rather than 3 devices created. The X10 schema also only supports device values of A1 through P16. If you want to use named devices such as TVRoom.TVRoomLamp then you will use xapbsc schema at the XLobby side.

    Depending upon exactly what you are trying to do then one way or the other will be appropriate. If you are trying to control the lamp that is X10-connected then Homeseer does need to be involved since the XLobby command (once changed to the X10 device rather than the name) will be seen directly by the X10 xAP Connector. The same is also true if you use xapbsc from XLobby with the named device and you are using the X10 xAP Connector that supports both xAP-X10 and xapBSC schema.

    If your objective is to have Homeseer make decisions based upon a XLobby button being pressed then the same still applies where you need to have valid X10 device codes or xapBSC schema from XLobby. There will be exactly one device associated with the xAP message within Homeseer.

    If xap-x10 is used then the device will be seen as something like "C4". The DeviceStatus of C4 will be OFF and the DeviceValue of C4 will be 10. In this example it does not make sense to send both 10 for count and OFF for command since OFF, by definition, does not have a brightness level. If the command was DIM rather than OFF then the count makes sense.

    The actual answer to your question is that, when properly setup, one XLobby button action will correspond to a change in one Homeseer device and this change can be used to trigger events if desired. If you want the light to come ON/OFF automatically when the XLobby button is pressed then you likely do not need to involve Homeseer becasue the X10 xAP Connector will see the command from XLobby message and turn the light ON/OFF.


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      Does Xlobby supports Girder? If it does maybe you could use hsGirder.

      Just a thought



      I saw this post... check it out